Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana!

Today would be Nana's 92nd birthday!
 Maria Meurs was born August 19th, 1918 in Albany, New York to Simon & Grace Meurs. Nana's family was Dutch and originated from Skagen, Holland. Nana met Papa, Giles Davis Clark, Jr., in Albany when  they were teenagers. They lived down the street from each other and secretly passed love notes until they were old enough to marry. (I'll blog about that soon!)

My family says I remind them of Nana. Nana inspired me from a very young age to cook and bake. My favorite memory is making cookies with her.

This is how I remember Nana.
Nana was known for hosting fabulous dinner and cocktail parties. She loved to cook & bake! Nana hand wrote hundreds of her recipes on beautiful note cards. In December 1996, my mom put those recipes together in a cook book that she had printed and bound for her sisters and for Papa. It's my favorite cook book of all time! (I'll share some of those recipes soon!)

Nana passed away in 2001. We miss her dearly! I wish she was here to cook with me and help me garden. I cherish the memories I have with her in her kitchen, the recipes she left for us, and the beautiful photos of her!

Love you, Nana! 


  1. Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you sweet girl for honoring this beautiful women. We all have fond memories of her cooking and filling us up with a variety of comfort foods. My favorite comfort food that mom made was baked macaroni and cheese served with stewed tomatoes. Her receipes have been cherished by us all. I love reading those hand written cards that she made lovingly for each grandchild. Mom - you were the best and we miss and love you and would be so proud of the wonderful cook and gardener Alisa has become.

  2. These pictures are priceless! I love that you still use your Nana's recipes...