Monday, October 11, 2010

New Job!

Today I start my new job as an RN. I graduated in May and have been searching for the perfect job since then. It never came and never came. I was certain I would land a job in Pediatrics at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital where I volunteered and completed my precepting. However, some unforeseen events at the hospital prevented that from happening. I slowly gave up my dream of pediatric nursing and started to look elsewhere. Being granted an interview was almost impossible. No one is very interested in new graduates right now as the market is flooded with experienced nurses looking for jobs, as well. So I searched and searched and made connections and still nothing came of it.

So I decided to start a business or two. One with my husband, the other for myself. I figured running businesses and being an entrepreneur is what I want to do anyway and the nursing thing just isn't happening for me right now. God will bring me the right job when I'm ready.

We were offered to purchase an established commercial snow plowing company and accepted the offer. That's what my husband will do to keep busy in the winters. It has been fun learning to run a business and set up all the little details. It is very rewarding but an extreme amount of hard work. And the real hard work doesn't even start until it snows!

The other business, as you may already know, is my event design company. Running an event planning company is a dream of mine! You can see my companies here and here!

And with all of these exciting events, God also brought me a job as an RN. Of course, everything all happens at once. We are busier than we've ever been and our lives are only going to get busier from this point forward. But it's perfect. I couldn't ask for a better life!

So my job will be a full time RN for Hospice of North Idaho. It is not pediatrics, it is not hospital nursing, and it is something I never thought I'd be doing. But I think it will be perfect for me. The schedule is awesome, very flexible. I will eventually have my own patients and go to their houses each day to provide in home nursing care. Of course, this new job will be my first priority but it will still allow me time to run our businesses and keep up this blog. I have a lot to learn about being a Hospice nurse. Thankfully, my friend Amy (who told me about the job) will be there and I will have a larger support group of experienced nurses and health care professionals to help me along the way!

Well, I'm off to my first day of work! My first day ever at a "real" job! I'm nervous and excited and ready to accomplish this 10 hour day!

I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. I am so proud of you my dearest daughter. And you will be a great nurse and a wonderful support to those during difficult times. You go girl! Love the picture by the way. Mine was taken in 1979, Alisa's "dress up like mom" version 2009.

  2. Congratulations!!

    I hope your day goes well, especially when faced with patients who need the most acute care out of everyone seeking medical services today. God bless you and give you strength!

  3. Alisa, I do believe that you are amazing in everything that you do! I have enjoyed making your recipes and I know that your patients will have the best care anyone could ask for. Don't forget to take care of you in your busy life :)

  4. Wow! Everything totally happens at once!! At least in my life too=)...What a cool picture, and your patients will be so blessed! Just from the few mintues we've talked I can totally see you in that job! You sure do like to keep your fingers in a lot of pots;) Blessings,
    ps...keep posting even when your tired, I love reading!

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  6. Your Aunt Barb found out you just got an R.N. job through her friend who is also a blogger of yours from "Salt & Pepper". Imagine, I am with my friend in Minnesota and she tells me that my niece from Idaho found a job. That shows how busy your life is. I am so proud of you and knew you would find a great job. You are so talented and will succeed in all of your endeavors.

  7. Hey, I know I'm like a month behind in reading this announcement but congrats anyways. My Aunt works with Hospice. Have you met Wendy Devenere yet? If not you'll love her. Hope you are enjoying it.