Monday, February 20, 2012

Chickens & Eggs

It's chicken time! 
Baby chickens are coming soon to our community garden! I'll have a post about how to get them all set up in these cold months so you have layers this summer!

Images from this book: Chicken and Egg

This book is on it's way to me! So excited!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! So excited to spend it with my baby girl and her daddy! They are snuggled up napping but I'm sure we'll do something to celebrate later!

Photo by Mary Banducci Photography. Heart Shape from Blogshop.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Restful Weekend

I scored a few unique pieces for the Attic today! Thanks to a wonderful family friend. I have been looking for tarnished silverware and quilts and they just came my way. Love it when that happens!

Sophia has been crawling all over and getting into EVERYTHING! 

She climbed up on her daddy and fell asleep just like this twice this weekend. So cute!

We also got her a new big girl car seat. She is almost 29" long is just isn't fitting in the little one anymore.

Lot's of fun happening over at Alisa Lewis Event Design. Website to debut soon and lots of meetings with brides. We toured an amazing wedding venue in our town yesterday...barn, silos, gazebo, twinkle lights, meadows, pond...the whole bit...GORGEOUS! Soon we are headed out to the lake to tour a birch grove one of my lovely brides discovered to host her wedding on the banks of Lake Coeur d'Alene...I am beyond excited to style that wedding! Thank you lovely brides for hiring me!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alisa Lewis Event Design

Today I launched my new, but continuing, venture as an event designer and stylist! My Facebook page is up and running and a website and blog will soon follow! Thank you all for your continued support and confidence in me as I continue with my love for hosting events, designing weddings, and styling photoshoots! This company is a "sister company" to the Attic | A Vintage Rental Company! My summer is filling up fast and I am so excited for my many weddings around the Inland Northwest. 

I also want to thank Rebecca Hollis for getting my started with a logo design. Mary Banducci for sketching that cute little puff of cotton in my logo, and BLOGSHOP for teaching me how to put it all together in photoshop! I'm so excited to show you all what is to come in the future! Thanks for following!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sophie in Seattle

We visited Alki Beach at sunset. It was GORGEOUS! 
Sophia loved it.

We collected her sea shells and stones from the beach. I'm going to collect shells for her at each beach we take her to. Nana collected shells on all of their travels and I still have some of the prettiest ones.

She loved riding on her daddy's shoulders...giggled the whole time!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blogshop Recap

We are home from a quick weekend in Seattle. Well, it went by fast for me...Kyle and Sophia had a lot of time to spend together. 

We drove to Seattle and the first thing we did when we got there was meet up and Robin, Kirk, and Maeve for coffee! I was very excited to connect with them and for our little ones to meet. Sophia and Maeve had a few stare-downs, shared some bread with each other, and then had a "who can roar the loudest" competition. Maybe they were communicating in baby language but it was cute until Maeve had enough of Sophia's monster noises! So cute!!!

Next we drove around west Seattle for a little at sunset and found this gorgeous beach. Sophia loved the water and sand and riding on her daddy's shoulders!

Saturday morning we had coffee with Lisa & Phil at Oddfellows! Then I headed to BLOGSHOP! I have to admit...the venue was probably the most unusual venue I've been to but it was so much fun and I learned so much.

The place was decorated with vintage props from Scout. Vintage Rentals. Made me feel right at home!

I wish I was showing off more of my new skills I learned at Blogshop but I had a MAJOR computer emergency! Photoshop was working in my hotel room an hour before I headed to class. Then when I got photoshop! That's what I get for trying the trial and not just buying the program right off the bat!

Thankfully my gracious teacher and an intern let me use their laptops for the class so I could learn. I am so thankful they helped me. So while I wait for my new photoshop to be installed all I can show you is this GIF I learned to make! 

{photos in GIF by angela}

Friday, February 3, 2012


Image via BLOGSHOP

I'm headed to Seattle today with Kyle & Sophia in tow. I'm very excited to be taking Blogshop...photoshop for bloggers! I know I will learn many useful skills that I can apply to my blog, businesses, and general design skills. I'm also hoping I come back with new inspiration from all of the creative people I will meet. I'm very thankful my husband is always part of my ventures and projects!

Another highlight of our trip will be meeting a few of my favorite foodie bloggers and a fellow vintage rental owner and event designer! More info on that later...

While I'm in class, Kyle & Sophia will be exploring Seattle together. It is supposed to be sunny in Seattle this weekend. Every time we have been to Seattle, it has been sunny! 

A side note...did you see this wedding I styled a few weekends ago? They brought me on last minute (one week before the wedding)! It was a big challenge but I love how Zach Mather's pictures turned out!