Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alisa Lewis Event Design

Today I launched my new, but continuing, venture as an event designer and stylist! My Facebook page is up and running and a website and blog will soon follow! Thank you all for your continued support and confidence in me as I continue with my love for hosting events, designing weddings, and styling photoshoots! This company is a "sister company" to the Attic | A Vintage Rental Company! My summer is filling up fast and I am so excited for my many weddings around the Inland Northwest. 

I also want to thank Rebecca Hollis for getting my started with a logo design. Mary Banducci for sketching that cute little puff of cotton in my logo, and BLOGSHOP for teaching me how to put it all together in photoshop! I'm so excited to show you all what is to come in the future! Thanks for following!

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