Monday, October 3, 2011

Community Garden

This weekend we became part of a community garden in our small town. Our friends, Rachael & Nate, are hosting it on their couple acres in Dalton Gardens. There are 5 families involved and we are all planning on sharing the work and the produce.
Yesterday Kyle & Nate rototilled the soil and hauled in horse manure for fertilizer. We are going to let the manure soak into the soil over the winter. Then in the spring we will till the soil again to mix in the manure. Manure is the BEST FERTILIZER EVER!
Here is the garden space with ample deer fencing.

Kyle rototilling the hard ground.

Nate shoveling manure into the freshly tilled garden space.
We planted our garlic crop yesterday, too! Now is the time to plant garlic.

I picked up three different varieties from Kyle's grandpa and the farmer's market.
While the guys made trips with manure, the ladies made thai food and shared delicious wine inside. See our thai recipes here!