Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am so excited! I received my order of Spud & Chloe yarn from Kpixie yesterday!
I received it within 3 days of placing my order! They are awesome! If you add them on facebook you'll get a little discount, too!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've been working on my first "real" knitting project other than a scarf! I'm attempting to make a baby afghan! Of course, like the naive knitter that I am, I bought the yarn before I chose a pattern! And, of course, I buy the most expensive yarn I can find not realizing it may take over 1000 yds to make a suitable sized afghan!!! But it will be beautiful and warm and cozy for baby!

I chose Spud & Chloe yarn! Some of the cutest yarns out there!

My pattern is a simple garter stitch pattern that I found on Anyone can become a member for free and have access to thousands of free knitting and crochet patterns!

A few weeks ago, a daughter of a patient asked me to knit with her for a while after her mother passed away. She knitted me these cute little baby socks! She inspired me to pick up my knitting again and make something for baby!

I sat and knitted with her for a little over an hour. I felt completely inadequate about my garter & purl stitch skills while I sat next to her as she knitted an elaborate sweater of silk yarn with about 5 or 6 needles sticking out at all places! I can barely manage 2 needles! She was so kind and helped me start a pair of baby socks with my own yarn! I have yet to finish those. I figured I should take a step back and master an easier project first before I continued with baby socks!

Here is the first corner of my afghan. 70+ yards into it, I had no idea projects like this took so much yarn! The end product will be well worth it though!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fresh Bread

I've been looking for inspiration lately...especially for bread making!
Here is a great bread site that I stumbled across!

What are you favorite bread blogs or recipe sites?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exciting News...

We are very excited to announce we're having a BABY GIRL!!!!

We are both perfectly healthy and growing bigger every day!

She's already very flexible as you can see from the ultrasound picture below...about to do a somersault or maybe suck on a little toe?

A little foot...

We'll get to see a better 3D view at the next ultrasound if she cooperates and changes her position a little!

Kyle and my mom went with me to the ultrasound appointment! We are all elated about the news! We've had a feeling all along it was a girl! Kyle has wanted a baby girl first which I think is precious! She'll definitely be a Daddy's Little Girl!

Now that we know it's a girl we're starting the decorating and fabric buying and booty knitting and on and on!

Babies are so fun!

Today's the Day! Stay Tuned...