Monday, August 16, 2010

Family of "American Pickers"

Have you ever seen the show "American Pickers?" I think it's on the History or Discovery channel. We love it! I grew up with a family of American Pickers. My dad is a treasure hunter. Things others thought were junk, he saw as vintage gems. He typically bartered for some pretty cool antique pieces like old gas pumps, Chevy trucks, wagon wheels, rusty farm equipment, butter churners. The first memory I have of treasure hunting is helping my dad restore a metal tricycle. It is now displayed on my parents' "junk shelf" in their kitchen with some of their finest antique gems.  From a young age I learned to keep my eyes open for "junk" treasures, too...things people had laying around that had no value to them, thrift store finds, garage sales.

Recently my parents went on a road trip through Utah & Colorado. They brought me back some of the neatest antiques and some for their own collection, too!

My mom found this vintage apron...I LOVE it!

Nut Grinder

Antique Spice Tins

Dainty Vintage Hankies & Doilies

Vintage Enamel Flower Pin...can't wait to wear this!

Milk of Magnesia bottle & IV bottle

MOM Bottle- Philips Pharmaceurtical

Old Rolling Pins

One of my Dad's treasures: Hand Powered Coffee Grinder

Another of my Dad's find: Sausage Stuffer

Here are some pics of my Mom & Dad on their road trip!


  1. Wow - I've been blogged. We are honored. Dad and I had so much found antiquing around Colorado. We found the neatest vintage antique store in Ridgeway Colorado which is about 30 miles from Telluride. This store had it all from the turn of the century up to the 80's. I know Alisa would have spent hours, maybe days looking at all the treasures. Dad and I actually went back two days in a row. The nut grinder and spice tins were from Magpie's Treasures.

  2. How cool!! Love the enamel pin=)...Thanks for sharing!