Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camp Nurse

I'm finally home from volunteering as a camp nurse. It was my first "official" nursing job. I didn't know what to expect but I had so much fun and learned a lot by taking care of the middle schoolers bumps & scrapes, tummy aches & headaches, and homesickness. There were about 100 kids and about 23 that came to see me regularly for routine medications.

The drive up to Newport, WA was beautiful.

I had  my own little nurse's cabin which was very quaint and furnished with the quirkiest pieces of retro furniture! I loved it!

My antique medicine cute!

My 70's retro vinyl chair and chenille couch!

I had a little buddy, Noah (staff member's son) who brought me my easiest patient to take care of: "Fred the Frog."
He really only needed food and water from me!

Where else would this Nurse be during her down time? In the kitchen, of course!
I spent a lot of time helping the camp cooks make the gigantic portions of food for all these hungry campers.

I also had my little helper tag a long most of the time!

My dear friend, Mary, was a leader up at camp so I got to hang out with her during the week! Isn't she the cutest little pregnant mama?

Mary was also helping out in the kitchen a lot and serving meals. On the right is Mary and the other pregnant leader, Kedron. Arent' they adorable?

The river was beautiful!

Overall, I learned a lot and really enjoyed "being in charge." I had one emergency occur in the last half hour of camp which required me to administer an epinephrine injection to a camper going into anaphylactic shock and call 911. It ended well and the camper is doing well now. Those darn peanuts!! It was so scary but I learned a lot from this experience.

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  1. oooh I love the retro look! You're right, that chair is super cute too...