Monday, July 18, 2011

Second Anniversary

Today is our second anniversary. It feels like we've been married so much longer, though. I have known Kyle for 10 years now and I couldn't be happier spending my life with him!

I remember the first time I saw him and how handsome and strong I thought he was. He worked for my dad and was always fixing things and working around our property. I remember helping him build a fence for my horses and goats and that I was so shy I could hardly even talk to him as we built the fence.

(one of our first dates to Steptoe Butte. I was barely 17 shhh!)

I also remember running out to my garden as soon as I heard his truck coming down the road and "pretending" to pull weeds while secretly hoping he'd notice me and come say hi.

A few gardens later, here we are with our beautiful baby girl (who is 6 weeks old tomorrow)! We've been through a few struggles and road blocks as many of you know but we have weathered them quite well together and they have only made us stronger.

He builds me up and I try to build him up in our daily lives. As we get settled into our new home, our new roles as mommy and daddy, and our new business pursuits life proves to not be getting any easier. I am so thankful for him by my side and seeing him as a daddy to our little Sophie makes my love for him grow deeper every day!

Happy Anniversary! I love you!


  1. Such a sweet story and a lovely sentiment to share. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful family you make!

  2. That was beautiful Alisa!!