Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Plans

Photo via Etsy

We started off our three day weekend with a check up with our midwife and registering for baby!

Isn't that little knitted pea pod adorable?!

I'm going to continue working on my knitting this weekend, too!

La Lune is having some business photos taken by the lovely Suwanee Lennon Photography!
 I think we're going to squeeze a few maternity shots in there, too!


Here's what I've been craving lately...strange combinations, I know!

Photo via Simply Recipes

I'm thinking of making a Spinach, Feta, Caramelized Onion Quiche this weekend

I'm also craving this:

Photo via Bakerella

I've never made Red Velvet Cake.
I think I will try out her recipe!


I'm also going to finish up "Water for Elephants." Good read so far!

Next book on my list - "Still Alice."

Any other reading recommendations from any of you?


  1. Sounds like a plan...especially the cake=)...cute, cute pea pod!!

  2. Hey Alisa!!
    Where did you find that pod??? Do they sell them? Where, how much??
    I want one!! LOL