Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Little Bun | Pregnancy Update

Our little bun is growing bigger and bigger! She's about 29 weeks 5 days old today!
I have taken this week off of work (at Hospice) to design and style a La Lune Wedding this weekend. My bride & groom are fabulous and are making my job so much easier this week...they love doing all of the DIY projects themselves! Their wedding is going to be fabulous and I can't wait to show you all pics on the La Lune Blog.

I have had such a nice, relaxing week to spend with my husband and get caught up on projects. Our remodel is almost complete and ready to sell! I've been finishing up my knitting projects and starting on more. And I've finally mastered how to make a decent loaf of bread thanks to my friend, Kristi, at work. She lent me this book which made the mystery of bread making all make sense! It's all so simple now! I recommend you try this method of bread making! You're house will smell delicious and your tummy will be happy!

While taking it easy this week, I have noticed how active my "little bun" is inside of me. Maybe because I have slowed down, she's been able to speed up! We can now feel feet and hands kicking around in there and can see undulations under my belly as she somersaults around in there! It's very exciting!

We can't wait to have her on the outside! Baby growing is not easy work and carrying around this extra belly is not very convenient for being a nurse and event designer. I love being pregnant, though, and feeling this little life grow and expand inside of me!

A dear friend, Suwanee Lennon, took some photos for the business a few weeks ago. Lindsey Rose did hair and make up. We will be using these on our website soon and she took a few maternity for me!


  1. wow, what a way to make a pregnant lady feel extra beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your week~

  2. I love my little girl and her bun! You are beautiful!