Friday, September 3, 2010

Macchiatos from my Moka!

Would anyone like an afternoon Macchiato?
I like coffee! No, wait...I LOVE COFFEE! Good coffee, that is! I love an afternoon espresso or americano but those can start adding up especially when two of my favorite espresso stands are just down the street form my house! When I was in Italy 3 years ago, my cousins introduced me to a Moka! It changed my life!

You can make fabulous espresso right on your stove top with one of these beauties! The one pictured is not the one from Italy...that one melted and deformed from so much use on my previous gas stove top. We actually found the one above at Ross!

You pack your espresso in the disk, place water in the bottom chamber, screw the top chamber on and place it on the stove to percolate.

The espresso starts to bubble up out of the spout and then it's ready to pour!

I like mine with just a splash of half & half. If I had a steamer, I would add a spoonful of milk foam on the top like they serve these in Italy.

I got my little Macchiato cups and tray on the Almafi Coast! It is hand painted from a cute little pottery town, called Vietri, overlooking the Mediterranean sea! I wish I had bought a few time!

The walls were decorated with pieces of pottery!

One of my favorite pics form Italy!

This is my husband and I outside of the little shop where I bought my Macchiato cups!
He proposed in Italy a few days later! (More to come someday about that story!)


  1. Oh what fond memories of Italy. I do love the pictures of the ladies in the window. I recall the beauty on the right gave us quite the look when you shot that picture. I just now noticed the items hanging on the clothes line; looks like lingerie and hosiery. What a priceless picture. Their faces say it all.

  2. Amazing pictures! This post makes me crave Doma...we should make a trip up there and get another stash! :)

  3. Ah, my husband won't drink coffee from anything but a Moka. He lived in Italy for a semester during college (and wandered around Europe for a couple more months) and got incredibly spoiled in the coffee and pastries department. I have to admit, they know how to make coffee!!!