Friday, September 3, 2010

Evening at the Park

Last week, we took Diesel took the park to get out of the house! Diesel thought he was in heaven because he got to ride in the car, water the flowers, and we gave him a piece of our pizza we couldn't eat!

Here are some more pictures form our favorite park! It was really smokey that day due to wildfires in the area so the photos aren't the best.

Here's some pictures from earlier this summer at the same park!

This big guy goes just about everywhere with me!

It's so lovely here!


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  2. Wow! The pictures are gorgeous. How long have we lived up here and I haven't gone to see this park? Next up on my bucket list.

  3. Duncan Gardens in Manito is the best! This is where my husband and I got married...right inside the stone gazebo five years ago!


  4. One of the things i miss most about Spokane! Thanks for the photo-journey down memory lane!