Friday, July 30, 2010

Produce Stand

So the other day, I decided to set up a produce stand on a busy corner near my house to get rid of the surplus vegetables that we can't eat right now! Cars are zooming by all day and people walk by as well. So I spent hours cutting, cleaning, and bundling up all of my extra vegetables, herbs, and flowers from the garden.

My little brother-in-law came to help me and to sell his Fresh Eggs and Garlic that he harvested himself. So we set up...and sat...and sat...and sat! NO CUSTOMERS! It was so disappointing! I mostly felt bad for dragging my bro-in-law out there with me and then having no business! I mean, at least 100 cars had to have driven by and looked at our stand. I think my location was bad...not the right "clientele."

So we packed everything up. I made a few phone calls to friends. And we were on our way delivering boxes of fresh vegetables, flowers, herbs, and eggs!

I am so thankful to all of you who bought my produce from me that day! You saved the day! My vegetables would have gone to waste! I am glad all my friends could enjoy them and now I can look forward to delivering weekly boxes of surplus produce to my friends and putting a smile on their faces! Thank you, everyone!!!

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