Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Welcome to my blog! I'm looking to connect with all of you fellow gardeners, thrifters, chefs, and domestic goddesses out there! My husband and I have planted a garden together for years! This year is our biggest garden so far! I always have friends and family members asking me for tips, recipes, and how we do what we do. So here on my blog I hope to share that with all of you and I hope we can inspire eachother with new ideas, tips and tricks in the garden, kitchen, and life in general!

Here is a progression of our garden so far. More posts to come as I figure out this whole world of blogging!

We start most of our seeds in the house in our kitchen window sill! Kyle rototills the soil in the early spring. We make "Cold Frame" boxes so we can start our lettuce, kale, and spinach in early March. They create a green house environment and keep the plants warm at night.

Top Left: We build a "Pepper House" so we can start our peppers & eggplants outside in early spring. It is PVC pipe buried in the ground to form an arch. Then we stretch a sheet of plastic with holes (available at hardware stores) over the top. We weight it down with bricks around the edges. We leave this on until June or July when the peppers have outgrown it.

You can also see our "Walls of Water" that we use on our tomatoes. This gives the tomatoes a big head start in the garden. (It's almost August and our tomatoes are 5ft tall or more!) You can buy these at Big R or any hardware/ home & garden store. We also use milk jugs on our squash and cucumber plants to create a mini green house around them. We leave the Walls of Water and milk jugs on until the plant outgrows them!

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