Monday, March 19, 2012

Raising Chickens

A couple weeks ago, we bought baby chicks to add to our community garden. We purchased 19 of them! Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock, Araucanas, Sussex, and Polish. 

They are living at Rachael's house right now (where our garden is). 

We originally put the chicks in a large tub in her cellar. They were smaller than a tennis ball when we got them and these conditions were much roomier and cleaner than where we bought them!

We padded the tub with wood shavings.

We coaxed them into their new home and they stayed all huddled up!

 We added a little food tray with baby chick food & added a mini waterer for them to drink from.

  We set up a heat lamp and a cover over their bin. They have been happy ever since.

This is the chicks a few days ago! They have grown so much already!

Our cost so far: $115.00

19 chicks
Heat Lamp
Heat Bulb
Chick Food

Nate & Rachael have a cute little red barn that the chickens will live in soon. Nate has been building a coop and nesting boxes within the barn. More updates soon!

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